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Prospective Dentists:


Dr Wells invites dentists to discuss the services they require for their dental practice which may range from conscious sedation in your own dental surgery through to general anaesthesia in dedicated day surgeries or private hospitals.  Specialist anaesthetists who are the pre-eminant specialists in providing the full spectrum of services from conscious sedation through to general anaesthesia.


Setting up a service inevitability involves a discussion of the facilities, equipment and personnel required to ensure patient safety in all these circumstances; and Dr Wells provides a primer on the matter to assist that conversation. He has also created a checklist for conscious sedation and general anaesthesia in various settings; this checklist is for our dental members alone and is password protected, and intended to be a starting point of a conversation rather than anything prescriptive.

Even those with  established dental sedation practices may benefit from reading our primers as it may be that your service is not current with the latest guidelines and requirements, and may benefit from a service provided by specialist anaesthetists.

  1. Guidelines

  2. Setting up a Practice

  3. Patient Selection

  4. Checklist- Conscious Sedation

  5. Checklist- General Anaesthesia

Dr Wells is happy to assist you in providing a safe and professional service for your dental patients in either your office, day surgery, or private hospital.  To discuss our service, please contact Dr Wells either by phone or on the contact form.

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