Prospective Patients



Dr Wells is highly motivated to make sure you have the safest and most comfortable experience for your forthcoming surgery.

For any significant procedure, I encourage you to fill out my preoperative health survey; this is designed to identify any major issues that may need to be addressed prior to the day of surgery. Dependent on that survey I may contact you directly to provide specific preoperative instructions. Of course, if you wish to talk to me directly prior to your surgery about your anaesthetic, then by all means contact me on my contact form or leave a message on my phone voicebox.  Please direct questions about billing matters directly with my rooms on 8765 9475.

In most cases your surgeon or the hospital will provide you with preoperative instructions on when to stop eating and drinking and what medications to either take or miss prior to your surgery. Very occasionally I may also provide additional instructions to these dependent on the situation, and may or may not refer you to some of my articles on fasting guidelines and diabetes instructions. However, these should not replace specific instructions you receive from your surgeon or the hospital.

Finally, after your surgery, I can be contacted regarding specific issues with pain or any other significant problems; or even just to provide feedback on your care. However, if you have been discharged, and it is an emergency, then obviously you should call an ambulance and attend your local emergency department, rather than wait for a delayed response through this webportal.

Until we meet!