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Guidelines for Conscious Sedation & General Anaesthesia in Dentistry

Some Relevant Guidelines:

The guidelines when considering conscious sedation or general anasthesia in dental practice are list below and should form the primary source of information when establishing a service rather than any secondary sources such as our checklists or other information.

Primary Guidelines:

  1. PS09 2014/ANZCA - Guidelines on Sedation...for...Dental...Procedures

  2. Policy Statement 6.17 2014/ADA - Conscious Sedation in Dentistry

  3. Dental Board of Australia Guideline- Conscious Sedation...[in Dentistry]

Supportive Guidelines:

  1. PS55 2016/ANZCA - Facilities for Safe Administration of Anaesthesia

  2. PS4 2006/ANZCA - Recommendations for the...Recovery Room

  3. PS6 2006/ANZCA - Requirements for Anaesthesia Record

  4. PS7 2016/ ANZCA - Recommendations...Pre-Anaesthesia Consultation

  5. PS18 2015/ANZCA - Recommendations on Monitoring during Anaesthesia

  6. PS8 2016/ANZCA - The Assistant to the Anaesthetist

  7. PS15 2010/ANZCA - Perioperative Care 2016 ANZCA


These form part of the repository of professional standard documents released by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.


We recommend any arrangement outside normal accepted practice is discussed with your medicolegal provider:

  1. Avant Medico-Legal

  2. MDA National

  3. Medical Indemnity Protection Society

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